There Is No Absconding Place

by Maxo Child

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A collaborative EP by:
Ian Cory -
Max Coburn -

Thanks to all our friends, family and loved ones for the support and inspiration, and thanks to our friends Mike Lambert and Jack Greenleaf for their help in recording vocals.

The Epoch Is Now


released February 1, 2013

Max - Guitar, Vocals, Synths
Ian - Vocals
Music by Max Coburn and Ian Cory
Lyrics by Ian Cory

Album art by Max Coburn



all rights reserved


The Epoch Brooklyn, New York

The Epoch is a community of musicians, writers, visual artists, filmmakers, and more. We were grown together, and are growing still. for more info visit our website

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Track Name: Aspects of Armageddon
This whole thing is fucked
No way that we could prepare
Rocks fell from the sky
God it’s getting hot in here
This all seems so nonsensical
What are we building towards?
This whole thing is fucked
What do we do now?
Rain that never stops­
Still it won’t put out the flames
All the lights go out
Everyone we know is gone
Light, breath, space and time
One last clock unwinds
A whole world covered in oil
It’s all been a joke but without laughter
Memories and childish toys
They’re all that’s left, all that ever mattered
Play the rain
Let the light guide you
Change the wind
With the breath inside you
Heart, void, hope, and life
Reality glides on the edge of a knife
Mind, doom, rage and blood
The end of the world proves what you’re made of
Track Name: Facts of Fatalism
If I stay here for one more night I’ll lose my fucking mind
I’ve tried to be patient but we’re running out of time
I know we’re meant for better things than hiding in these holes
I’ve been fighting all my life and I finally see my goal
We were born with the taste of blood in our mouths
But a swig of victory will wash it all out
We’ve gone too far already and we have no other choice
I’ll make sure that we live no matter what else we destroy
We made a big mistake
When space itself is a paradox
How can you fight your fate?
But I will not let this team tear itself apart
Sometimes I hate your guts
But I love you with all of my heart
Haunted by the voices of the dead
She chose to stab us in the back instead
Sabotaged before we had a chance
Not that it made a difference
Looking back I can’t tell if we were ever in control
What clandestine hand guided us, made the pieces whole
Even now that we’ve won everything’s only gotten worse
Now we’ll never escape from this fucking curse
Access denied
From our prize
Nowhere left to run
Can’t abscond