The Epoch Is Now Volume 2

by The Epoch

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Well, we did it gang. We got through another year. In 2012 we made so many new friends. Now in 2013, we're sure that we will make so many more. And what's a better way to celebrate these future friendships then listening to new songs from your best friends? You won't find these tracks on any other album or single release, they're just for you!


released January 1, 2013



all rights reserved


The Epoch Brooklyn, New York

The Epoch is a community of musicians, writers, visual artists, filmmakers, and more. We were grown together, and are growing still. for more info visit our website

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Track Name: Freeze Frame - The Fall
Meek and mild mannered is how we start
But at the end of the day we’re all weapons at heart
And I’m getting too old and the goals that I’m setting
Are becoming too easy to forget
And yes, I regret blacking out
But another six beers won’t change what I’m about
And another four years living under the floor board
Won’t convince me that I shouldn’t cut the cord
Beaten, bruised, damaged at the core
Begging, pleading for the way it was before
Nostalgia is a cruel mistress, memories kill and I’m on the hit list
All advice that I dismiss could keep me alive till Christmas
And maybe get a chance, another shot at a new year
If the world don’t end the way we all fear
So when it’s time for them to let go of the ball
I just hope I’m ready, that I’m ready for the fall

No super hero team could survive it
Faster than a bullet, Steve McQueen couldn’t drive it
I’m ashamed that my hunger ain’t enough
To put the pressure on the coal, make a diamond in the rough
Like a snuff film unedited and uncut
With no lights for the action and no budget for the guts
The director skipped town about six months back
But the four ADs left the dolly on the track
So it’s take two, quiet on the set
The tape’s rolling so that we won’t forget
All the lines that we memorized to bring tears to our parent’s eyes
And the costumes that we wore to keep our broken hearts disguised
So now we wait for the final cue
The actor’s pray for a good review
I just want to find my seat before the curtain call
And just hope they’re ready, that they’re ready for the fall
Track Name: Small Wonder - Remember, You Will Die The Way You Lived Your Life
"Remember you will die
the way you lived your life
cold and broken
as the day that you were born

And remember how she sang
and how her voice would ring
through the heavens
to boomerang back to earth

My song
is my fathers song but longer
played on the busted strings of my mothers
old guitar

And my Mom
says her voice used to be stronger
I used to sing tenor
and Daddy played Bass

he sang
I'll never be sad again
I will not break
I will not bend
I'll never be bad
to anyone."
Track Name: Sharpless - Sleeping Alone
I don't feel right
I've been sleeping alone
I don't pick up the phone
do the same thing every night
I don't feel right
because I don't see my name
light up with the fame
discussing movie rights
and every song i write
it just sticks in my head
next to things that you said
when we used to fight

oh i don't feel like drinking tonight
but i've been drinking all day just to ease it away
so hey maybe i just might